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This is why he so much wants him imprisoned so he will be pushed and prodded into obeying authority every day of his existence. He realizes that it is impossible for him ever to reach the level of creator like Roark-he doesn't have the ability-so, by controlling men like Roark, he in essence believes he is better than they.

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Toohey's niece Katie Halsey is a prime example.

While young, she is happy, loving and very willing to help others.

It was a risk he would not regret when the novel went on to sell over 400,000 hardback copies in its first five years.

Ongoing sales have also been strong, with various publishers (of hardback and paperback editions) selling over six million copies to date.

As she grows older, however, she becomes increasingly unhappy and comes to resent those others to whom she sacrifices all her waking hours in the effort to help.

She seeks to break free of this mind-set by running to Keating, but guilt engulfs her.

The story follows the life of Howard Roark, an architect, and several people he interacts with, including his lover, a fellow architect, an architectural critic and a newspaper publisher.

is divided into four major sections, named after four of the major characters from the novel.

was Rand's "breakthrough" novel: her first book to top the best-seller charts. Rand initially signed to have the book published by Knopf, but was unable to finish the book quickly enough to meet their deadlines.

Subsequently, it was rejected by 12 publishers before Bobbs-Merrill editor Archibald Ogden risked his job to get them to accept the novel.


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