The Road Essay Questions

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What kind of effect on does this have on traditional plot?

Does the form help to express the themes of the novel?

What makes the relationship between the boy and his father so powerful and poignant? How do they maintain their affection for and faith in each other in such brutal conditions? Does it provide closure, or does it prompt a rethinking of all that has come before?

Why do you think Cormac ends the novel with the image of trout in mountain streams before the end of the world—"In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery" [p.

However, as he travels west and is lonely in Los Angeles, he sees the East as "brown and holy" and the West as whitewashed, empty; it all depends on his emotional state.

How is On the Road written that is different from earlier, more traditional novels? What kind of problems do Sal and Dean have with women, and how does this affect their actions? What does The Road ultimately suggest about good and evil? Which force seems to have greater power in the novel? Page numbers and quotations refer to the new edition of The Road by Cormac Mc Carthy, published by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, Inc., New York. The theme between a father and a son is appearing, giving both the characters the role of protagonist.Survival, hope, humanity, the power of the good and bad, the power of religion can be seen throughout the novel in different writing techniques.On one occasion, he refers to Dean as the "HOLY GOOF"; on many occasions, he speaks of Dean as an angel terrifying in his energy.Sal knows Dean's flaws but seeks to celebrate his talents, to Sal, the most precious being his passionate relish for life, his capacity for great joy, and to give joy to his friends. On the Road is Sal's story, though, and his attempt to make everyone else understand in what way Dean is a hero.In fact, to Sal, Dean is more than a hero: Sal sees something saintlike about Dean, and doesn't think that Dean's moral flaws conflict with this.Mc Carthy uses colour imagery to describe how grey, pale and miserable everything was.He uses “carrying the fire “which represents people who have a flame of humanity left alive in their hearts.


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