Trees Advantages Essay

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These type of harvests result in pulpwood size trees, which are smaller in diameter than trees that would be made into lumber.

Clearcut Harvest Clearcutting removes all the trees in a given area, much like a wildfire, hurricane or other natural disturbance would do.

To improve the health and productivity of the forest, forest managers may remove a portion of the trees in the early stages (10-15 years) of a growing stand of trees so there is less competition for sunlight, water and nutrients.

The forest is ‘thinned’ by taking out a certain percentage of the trees.

Loggers sort the trees onto different trucks for their different locations.

The smaller diameter trees, typically called pulpwood, will head to a paper mill or energy facility.

Many hardwoods, such as oak, hickory and cherry, can produce and maintain seedlings or sprouts in light shade under a partially cut stand.

However, the young trees will not grow and develop fully until the remaining overstory trees are removed.

Each method has its benefits, drawbacks and conditions under which it is the most suitable way to harvest trees.

No one harvesting method is ideal for all situations.


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