Valentine Carol Ann Duffy Critical Essay

Valentine Carol Ann Duffy Critical Essay-77
However, Juliet may have used this to describe Romeo as her light in a dark sky and a ray in a dark world.

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Juliet also uses light imagery to express how she sees her relationship with Romeo in the famous balcony scene (Act 2 Scene 2).

She describes it as being ‘too like the lightning’ suggesting that it is moving too quickly.

This illustrates the differences in social, cultural and historical views on love from the Elizabethan period in which Shakespeare lived and the present world.

Shakespeare’s use of language and structure in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ contributes and further enhances the feelings involved in the play to an audience.

What true love also does to both these character is change them.

In Juliet’s case, it gives her strength to disobey obey her parents.Carol Anne Duffy’s modern day poem ‘Valentine’ much like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is very firmly themed around the strong feeling of love but is a more controversial love poem in which Carol Anne Duffy compares love to strange objects such as an onion.In my essay I will compare ways in which this theme is presented to the reader and discuss both writer’s ideas and attitudes to love.Sonnets were also poems of the time that symbolised love.This sonnet form in is shown after the wedding night where Romeo has to leave but he in so in love that he tells Juliet he will risk getting caught and stay, ‘I have more care to stay than will to go Come, death, and welcome!In Act 1 Scene 5, we also see Shakespeare’s use of religious imagery to experience a deeper connection as Juliet is shown to also be overwhelmed by Romeo as she accepts his offer of a kiss by ‘[letting] lips do what hands do’; pray.By this, Shakespeare is writing as Romeo to ask for their lips to meet, like hands may do in a prayer and for Romeo to fulfil the physical feelings felt by him earlier in the Act upon first seeing Juliet.The use of these religious overtones here indicates that the love shared by Romeo and Juliet can only be described by such spiritual and religious terms.Though it seems that it is only Romeo who uses religious overtones by calling Juliet his ‘dear saint’ and describing how he is willing to worship her, we also see this imagery used by Juliet in Act 2 where she describes Romeo as being the ‘god of her idolatry’ almost opposing religion by defining Romeo as her God to worship.This technique of using death to symbolize love is shown by Shakespeare when Romeo’s addiction of true love draws him to go into the Capulet garden and find Juliet on her balcony.It is here where Romeo tells Juliet that he would rather face death than have to live and deal with Juliet’s rejection, ‘My life were better ended by their hate than death prorogued, wanting of thy love.’ Romeo use of this quote is to almost show commitment and willingness to sacrifice anything for Juliet and to open up his true feelings; even though a modern audience may see these sudden feelings as overly exaggerated due to love being seen as something that grows over time by many people now and not something that can occur within a few hours.


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