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It’s fun to write up ideas and bounce things off of people you know.Everybody has gone to a bar or a restaurant and thought, “This place would be so much cooler if …” The exploration period is where you write it all down and think about how you want to do it at your bar.It can help you claim share in your market, but you should also be OK with emulating successful elements of other bars and restaurants.

Once you have your business plan in order, and it’s financially sound, scout out a location.If you have a location in mind, look at what nearby businesses are charging for their food and drink. This is your demographic, and you need to center everything you do around a concept of how to appeal to that group of people.You don’t have to come up with a 100-percent original concept for your bar.Previous bars in that space had been loud, with sometimes obnoxious customers.But, thanks to my business plan, I was able to convince them that, as a geek bar, we weren’t going to cause trouble and we would limit loud parties to weekends and other acceptable days.Do you want big cosplay events with loud music and DJs?Or do you want to run Super Smash Brothers tournaments like other bars run Fantasy Football leagues?This is where you smash all of your dreams with a hammer and put them back together in reality. But if you’re serious about opening any business, you have to put together a business plan.The sooner you make a business plan, the sooner you can figure out if your ideas are financially solvent.I quit my job and worked in the industry for years before I opened my bar.Not only did I get practical experience, but I also found other bar owners within the local community who were willing to help.


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