Visual Argument Essay Examples

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In their paper “Toward a Theory of Visual Argument,” David S.

That's why companies regularly brand themselves with new logos and images.

The following sample marketing essay analyzes the images shown above and the ways in which it presents an argument to the individual consumer.

Birdsell and Leo Groarke explain that just as the written argument has a context in which it is presented, so does the visual argument (5).

In fact, visual arguments may tend to have stronger contexts than their written-word counterparts due to the associations that can be set up instantly and nearly subconsciously, just through use of well-known imagery or symbolism. In fact, scholars have suggested that arguments within images tap into a pattern of thinking that can only be expressed visually, and this form includes its own vocabulary and syntax (Usher 117).From type to layout to color to image—these things seem like irrelevant details, but they make all the world of difference in Visual Arguments.The choice to put the Cheerios logo above the image of a spoonful of pills is a conscious layout choice.Based on this placement I can only assume that the creator of this piece wanted warm associations that tend to come with the Cheerios brand to hit the viewer first, and only then, once these associations were in place, did he want the viewer to consider the spoonful of pills.The type is functional and appealing (with only two font styles used), and none of it has been altered with any bolding, italics, or underlining.The strong brand associations of the chosen fonts create a relationship between the image and the text.In fact, it might even be appropriate to consider the chosen fonts as images themselves since their use automatically brings to mind so many associated images.The layout of this piece is very efficient in limiting text and images to avoid clutter and confusion.M&M’s logo font, is used to display the name of the ad campaign, and this brings with it a whole other series of associations.Technically, since both Serif fonts used are globally recognized and associated with those two specific brands, these fonts could also be considered to be within the category of Specialty fonts.


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