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Magma becomes lava when it leaves the volcano and hits the air or water.Volcanic ash can be in solid or molten form when erupted, and is usually smaller than 2 mm.

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Stratovolcanoes don’t have lava with the same composition as shield volcanoes, so their eruptions don’t act the same way as those of shield volcanoes.

When a stratovolcano erupts materials that compose the volcano itself, ash ejected in the eruption, and the thicker lava comes together to form a pyroclastic flow.

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Volcanoes commonly form where tectonic plates collide with each other.

When the plates collide, it causes friction that heats up the earth.

As mentioned earlier, shield volcanoes don’t have that same cone shape due to a lava that is more fluid-like.

The more fluidic lava leads to eruptions that are characterized by a steady flow from the volcano’s crater.


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