Ways To Prevent Global Warming Essay

We as humans have a moral responsibility to reduce global warming gasses by changing our modes of transportation, to stop deforestation, and increase government funding into research to inhibit global warming for The rest of the world is still living the ways of the past by only producing enough energy for life.

While the industrialized world is producing gases that not only hurt their nation’s inhabitants, but the rest of the world inhabitants as well.

A substantial amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere is from the burning of fossil fuels.

Evidence acquired from several studies report that since the early nineteenth century, there has been over a 30 percent increase in the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

A major contributor to global warming is fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are used for everything from generating electricity from turbines to powering vehicles.Automobiles are a major producer of greenhouse gas.One gallon of fuel burned puts five pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.It’s because of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that Earth's atmosphere is warm enough to sustain human life.When there is a large increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air, the quantity of heat caught by the carbon dioxide also increases.Inhabitants are not just humans, but animals and plants that make up the world.With increasing gas emissions the powerful nations of the world are making a weaker world environment.This in turn contributes to the total rise in the surface temperature of the earth.Due to this rise in temperature in ice in the Arctic is melting, which is causing the sea level to rise. Leonard Berry from the FAU Climate Change Initiative stated that “The ocean has risen six inches over the course of the last twenty-five years” (“Water…” ).You can go through this Essay on Prevention of Global Warming to know in detail: Introduction We know that Global Warming has become a major concern in the world.We have also started facing its effects in recent times.


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