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Some of these may work well for you; some that get 5 stars from 3 thousand reviewers may not do you, personally, an ounce of good.Find what works for you, whether that be an app or any other time management method.Remember why it's worth it, and remember that this essay in front of you, while by no means as important as whatever comes next, is crucial to you getting to that place you want to get to.

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A rough draft doesn't have to be perfect--it just needs to be there.

The final draft doesn't have to be perfect, either, though it's admirable to want it to be as a good as possible.

The problem is that you don't have the time to wait.

By all means, if you're so tired that you can't keep your eyes open, go get some rest, and if you're so overworked that the room is spinning and your head is throbbing, please take a break, but you eventually have to get started, even if you don't feel as confident or as eloquent as that final essay needs to be.

Remember that while this essay is a part of passing your class, it is (probably) not the whole class; unless you do something silly like plagiarize or steal (don't do that!

), this one essay isn't going to make or break your future.

The end goal of writing that paper is to write about everything that the professor and/or rubric mandates while meeting any word or page limit and following the style guide for your course, yes, but there's a larger reason why you're doing this.

This essay is a step towards completing a class, a class that hopefully is helping you develop the skills, knowledge, and connections you need in order to perform in that dream career or hobby that you'll pursue once you pass enough of these classes and obtain that coveted sheet of paper known as the degree.

What small task do you have the time and energy to do right now? The even better news is that working often begets working. Break 20 (after having done four "pomodoros," or 25-minute productivity sessions, you deserve it).

Maybe you only set out to do a brief Roman-numeral outline, and maybe that's all you really needed to have done for this moment. Repeat for as long or as little as time and willpower permit.


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