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The two book reviews might seem different, but at heart they are the same.

The good thing is that in descriptive book reviews, you can be a little less formal.

For instance, is transforming into something hideous), but just concentrate on the interesting snippet for now.

You will elaborate on the story later in your review.

It helps to write something noteworthy about the author in your introduction, such as that he or she has won numerous awards or this book has been listed as their fourth best-seller.

It is also a good idea to mention the genre and if the book is part of a series, as well as if the reader has to read other books before tackling this one so that they will be able to understand and appreciate the story.

The body of the review can include a summary or description of the book (without giving away spoilers! Now’s your chance to dig deeper into the characters. Do you feel that you know them personally after reading the book? What does it say about the world, our society, or the environment, perhaps?

Also look into aspects of the plot, such as if it is logical and well mapped, as well as if the storyline leaves too many holes or unresolved issues. Every book has a deeper meaning, even if it doesn’t appear to at first, and this can reflect the author’s life story at times.

Ultimately, your task as the reviewer is to help readers decide if the book will be good for them to buy or download to their reading device, or if something else could be better suited to them.

A book review loses credibility if you have not read the book. Not only are you doing a gross disservice to the author who spent a large amount of time working on the book, but you are also doing yourself an injustice because your review won’t display your in-depth understanding of the work.


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