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It was a little turbulent on the ground for the balloon (wind above 10 mph is bad). She gave her automatic camera to someone on the ground, she used my automatic camera, I used my SLR camera with a 28mm wide angle lens, and Dad used the video camera.We took lots of pictures and maybe an hour of videotape just before the video camera batteries died. I was worried about how we’d finally get off the ground.We landed on a turf farm, on perfectly mowed, soft, weedless grass.

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I see why it’s so hard to run from a police helicopter. We could usually spot the chase vehicle, since a road was never far away. Most people just stared, but some of them waved and said hello.

We approached several deer and had to scare them away with the burner. We always shouted back, and it was easy to hear each other.

We’d climbed in quickly as instructed while the balloon was going up overhead, but we weren’t taking off yet for some reason.

The guy running the burner (I think his name was Chet, but I’m not sure) kept putting it on (it was really loud and distracting), but the balloon was swaying back and forth and we felt like we were close to falling out of the basket.

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The sun was out and the weather was absolutely perfect.He had to make it do some “dancing” with the wind, which he says he doesn’t like to have to do.Finally he got it straight up long enough to let us go I guess, and up we went in a hurry.I was disappointed to land, but I’d gotten enough out of the ride to be happy.We touched down and the basket pretty much stopped moving, I think, but the balloon kept going, so we bounced up into the air again a few feet-whee-and then touched down again, and maybe once more before coming to an easy stop. There had been hardly any wind gusts once we’d gotten over the initial shaky takeoff.Somehow he knew when to fire the burner before we got too close to the ground. The effects of the burner (us rising up again) wouldn’t kick in until almost a half a minute later, and by then we could’ve been crashing into some trees or something! Dad waved to two little kids standing in a huge driveway and said to them “that’s a lot of cement.” We went over corn and alfalfa fields and could see their relief in lengthening shadows. We were basically traveling by all these people down there on their farms and old country houses (we didn’t see any cities or developments), and they would stop and say hi to us. We saw ducks in a pond, beautiful horses, birds flying over a lake below us, small flower beds or gardens like an oasis in a desert of green grass, old barns, tractor patterns in the fields, and countless backyards few people ever see.We went over a couple horse pastures and were careful with the burner not to scare them. One horse started trotting away quickly and then looked back and almost sat down to look up at us, worried, and then grazed for a second and then started nervously trotting some more. The first time I looked down at my watch after we took off, it was .Behind us we could see the skyscraper apartments of Kent, and further out, especially when we made a short trip to 1000 feet, we could see many buildings in Cleveland, way off on the horizon.We spent most of the time about 100 feet off the ground, except when we had to go over some high tension lines, which we made sure we missed by plenty of room (you can’t see the lines, but you can see the towers).My parents were taking me and my sister Johanna on a balloon ride for Johanna's birthday.We met up with the balloonists and two other older guys in a shopping center parking lot, and we were all shuttled to a campground with an open grassy field to set up the balloon.


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